We are pleased to announce our new co-op advertising program designed to be highly visible & very affordable:

    • Banner Ads: not to exceed 25 (275px by 550px)
    • Dedicated Block Ad (275px by 275px)
      • Alternate: Quarter-Block Ads (130px by 130px)

~ No Contracts: Choose the Month or Months You Want Your Ad To Run ~

The Dedicated Block Ad (when available} has 4 options: One, Three, Six or Twelve Months, with pricing adjusted for longer runs.

The Alternate 1/4 Block Ads are available on a month-to-month basis.

Banner Ads are available on a month-to-month basis. These ads will also rotate on a daily basis, with the “Last” ad being forwarded to the “First” position.

Revenue generated from these ads will be used, in part, to advertise our all new Events & Community Calendar.

All ads will be custom-built to the specifications and satisfaction of the client.

Ads are strategically placed just above the calendar for maximum visibility.

All ads will “point” to the client’s website. Where no website is available, a customs-built page (my page) can be added to the BurkeAlive.com site. This page will be built to the clients specifications and will contain all Meta data: Title, Description, and Key Words, making it easy for a potential client to find your business by doing a standard online search.

As an alternate, ads can “point” to a social media page or we can custom-build a website for you.
visit: www.BuildingMyWebpage.com

~ Rates ~

"Early-bird Special" introductory rates + 2nd month FREE - available for a limited time only
Lock in low rates now